4 Diffrent Themes

Many desktop publishi packages and web page editors use model web sites.

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Modern Design

Many desktop publishi packages and web page editors use model web sites.

Easy to Use

Many desktop publishi packages and web page editors use model web sites.

Server Hosting

Ensure your data and application functionality by installing your equipment within a high standard Data Center. The Colocation service refers to a physical space which accommodates your business infrastructure starting from 1 Rack Unit, including power consumption and a 100Mbps Internet connection with unlimited traffic and DDoS protection.

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Business Continuity

Atrotech’s integrated solutions make your business continuity plan simple. Allow your business to rely on workspaces outside your business premises and create a secondary node which will be synchronized with your primary node, or launch secure cloud workspaces (VDI). Eliminate any risk that may affect your business operations in case of a natural disaster or a human error.

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Secure Cloud Servers

Migrate to the cloud easily and quickly. Atrotech’s cloud services offer flexibility, scalability, security, stability and low cost. Emphasizing on the security against DDoS attacks and other malicious actions and the stability of VMware virtualization platform, Atrotech allows you to use cloud as the base for your business development.

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Secure your data and infrastructure

The highest levels of physical & network security for GDPR compliance

Atrotech can house your equipment in the highest physical security datacenter in Greece. Secured by next-generation enterprise grade firewalls and threat mitigation systems. By providing secure services on infrastructure that is ISO 9001 & 27001 and PCI-DSS certificied, it can assist your business in complying with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

What makes Atrotech different?

Secure Services

Atrotech is focused on the security of your systems and the protection against malicious actions and DDoS attacks

Provision of national and international Circuits

Atrotech's clientele includes important multinational companies, concerning the interconnection of their premises in Greece with the rest of the world

High SLA assurance

The availability and quality of our services are of paramount importance to us. This is why Atrotech’s SLA is alleged to be one of the strictest in the market

High Quality Services

Atrotech’s network topology and infrastructure ensure the highest quality levels

Low latency for Connectivity and Internet

Atrotech network’s physical routes and upstream providers aim at providing the lowest possible latency

Integrated infrastructure and communication solutions

Our entire spectrum of services, which ranges from VoIP Telephony Services and Cloud PBX to business continuity, allows Atrotech to provide you with the solution that best suits your business

Experience of our executives

Atrotech’s executives have significant experience in the fields of Data Center, Telecommunications and Cloud technologies, which will assist in planning the best solution for your business needs

High speed Internet Access Service

Atrotech's basic symmetric service starts from a capacity of at least 100Mbps with unlimited volume in data traffic

Advanced Telephony Services

Atrotech provides VoIP telephony services and advanced cloud Call Center/Contact Center solutions to optimize the communication of your business

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