Your entire Data Center on Cloud

For the companies that want to build their systems and store their data on cloud, there is the virtual Data Center solution. This integrated solution gives your company the ability to use all the resources you have at your disposal as effectively as possible in order to create the virtual machines required for your business needs and, depending on the use, transfer the resources from one machine to another. Exploiting the capabilities of this solution, you can create your Data Center directly in the cloud and enjoy its use in the most productive way.

Operate your Cloud Data Center at once without having to wait for the, usually long, delivery time of the physical equipment you have purchased

Pay-as-you-grow model, with OPEX justified by your parallel growth

Manage your Data Center via web platform

Reliable VMware virtualization platform

1 Gbps Intra datacenter data traffic

Enhance your compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)*

Use the resources you need and assign them properly to your Cloud servers

Secure your infrastructure within a Tier 4 Data Center by using Enterprise grade security systems

Isolated VLANs for VMs communication

SLA 99,99%

*Take advantage of protected Internet access for your equipment through Enterprise Grade Firewalls

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