Business voice services

Atrotech offers your business voice services through its partnership with the leading telecommunications service provider Microbase. The products that are provided range from voice termination to virtual call center (Virtual PBX). By taking advantage of the fast-growing Voice over IP (VoIP) technology, Atrotech can offer high-quality services at a very low cost.

Through the Microbase ePhone, a modern telecommunications platform for smart services, you can do a number of actions such as:

Make or receive calls in Greece and worldwide at the lowest price

Receive a fax to your e-mail account (Fax2mail)

Send instant messages to ePhone subscribers

Receive a new phone number

Communicate safely through encrypted telephony

Virtual PBX solutions

Moreover, an integrated virtual PBX platform is provided, which allows you to have your entire telecommunication infrastructure in the cloud, avoiding any local hardware installation.

Taking advantage of the modern IP networks and by using the IP telephone devices, Softphones or Smart Phones, the virtual PBX platform provides full functionality of a modern call center with flexibility, mobility and low cost.

Features of the virtual PBX include:

Extended and easy scalability

Detailed call lists

Ability for Conference calls

Call Waiting

Easy to manage

IVR - Interactive Voice Response

Conference Rooms

Multiple channels for simultaneous outbound calls

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