Managed Services

In case you don’t have an IT team or it has a heavy workload, ATROTECH provides managed services. The service concerns integrated management of your equipment. Indicatively it covers hypervisor, operating and software levels. In addition, the need for uninterrupted availability of your systems requires their continuous monitoring. Adding up the increasing rate of malicious activity, software and operating system upgrades are mandatory and cannot be postponed. Thus any delay can be a vulnerability for unauthorized access to your data.

The majority of ATROTECH’s technical team consists of senior engineers with extensive experience in ICT infrastructure. Through its Operation and Support Center, it can fully cover the management of your infrastructure.

Managed Service fit

All businesses and organizations that either do not have properly qualified IT staff or the workload does not allow the effective management of the infrastructure by the IT staff (outsource).

Infrastructure management

The management of your infrastructure refers to the following regardless of operating system and platform:

  • Physical servers
  • Cloud servers/VPS
  • Workstations (Desktops & laptops)
  • Virtualization clusters
Managed services features

By using ATROTECH’s managed service, you can cover part or all of your infrastructure management. In practice, ATROTECH can undertake the execution of certain tasks or complete management (outsource). The experienced technical staff of our company can cover you in indicatively:

  • Initial configuration of new software installation on equipment
  • Configuration of applications based on relevant instructions
  • Optimizing the operation of equipment and software
  • Scheduled on-time implementation of upgrades (OS & software updates/security patches)
  • Manage alerts
  • Creation of software/hardware inventory for optimal monitoring
  • Checking the health of your hard disks (Disk health monitoring)

Innovative Fail-Safe Patching

The patch management service includes the fail-safe patching feature. In case of any problem with the installation, there is option to revert to the previous state. This practically means that we return to the point just before the start of patching. Consequently, it allows the safe implementation of patching without any problems and by extension any unwanted downtime.

The service comes with an SLA regarding the updating/patching and the handling of any alerts at the first level. SLA is about ensuring response time and completion of actions.

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