Secure services Always Available

Atrotech was founded by a group of executives active in the fields of telecommunications, network security, data centers and cloud. Our aim is to bring a comprehensive portfolio of services to businesses. With the main focus on security and high availability of services, we offer you the most complete solutions. These solutions will allow you to grow your business with stability, engaging your staff exclusively for the development of your services or products.


The significant experience of our executives, which counts in more than 20 years in carrier-neutral data centers and more than 30 years in telecommunications, allows us to identify the services that your business really needs. The selection of Atrotech’s infrastructure was based on proven technologies, which offer the required stability, while ensuring the most competitive prices.

We are committed to keeping your data secure, your services always available and providing the highest level of information technology services.
Our goal is to adjust our services to fit your needs, not the other way around.

Atrotech’s technical team carries the required certifications from organizations such as CISCO, VMware, Acronis and Microsoft, with the aim of optimal solution development and personalized support of your business. Our expert engineers work 24×7/365 to keep our Enterprise Grade infrastructure and network running uninterrupted.

Team with long-term experience

Our team includes the pioneers in datacenters in Greece and has many years of experience in telecommunications, cloud and security.

High level technical support

Our technical teams consists of senior engineers that are able to solve in the most quick and efficient way possible, any issue that may arise.

Provision of integrated secure solutions

Our wide range of services allows a 360-degree and secure coverage of your operation with new generation tools.

Solutions that meet the needs of every business

Our service portfolio and know-how allow the design of appropriate solutions for businesses of all sizes.