Connectivity services

Secure data transfer is of utmost importance to Atrotech. The interconnection of your facilities with the desired locations as well as our data centers can be implemented with point-to-point circuits that guarantee capacity, low latency (RTD – Round Trip Delay) and exclusive use.

Based on the location of your facility and the availability of the preferred service for your data transmission, Atrotech can provide:

Layer 2 Ethernet Leased Lines

Data Transmission through optical fiber, wireless link and copper

Symmetrical upload and download capacity

Provision of international leased lines

Direct technical support (24x7/365) via Atrotech's experienced NOC engineers

Layer 3 MPLS - VPN

Single or dual entrance and route of the circuits

Guaranteed Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Collaboration with top Tier 1 providers for worldwide coverage

Atrotech’s strategic partnerships with the largest network owners in Greece and abroad make Atrotech’s presence prominent in the market on the terms of competitive prices and high quality services.

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