The present privacy policy describes how the Company ATROTECH S.A. (the “Company”), which has its registered seat at Argiroupoli Attica (14, Iteas str., email: ) uses and protects the personal information provided by the customers when they use the website or in any other way.

Users of the services and /or visitors of the Company’s website will be referred to as “Customers”, whether they proceed to order services from the Company or not.

If a Customer does not agree with the terms of the present Privacy Policy, he is requested not to use the services of .

In any case the Company reserves the right to amend the terms of the present Privacy Policy, only in accordance to the applicable laws and regulations.

Scope of this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to all personal data provided by you either at the time of visiting our Company’s website or at your registration to the platform as a client or collaborator or when you communicate with our company in any way (such as emails, fax or submitting or sending any kind of document to our Company’s offices), as well as to any additional data provided by you and obtained by third parties, natural or legal entities, other companies and other sources. This Privacy Notice intends to inform you about the way we process your personal data and about your rights regarding the access, correction, deletion of transferring of your data to another Data Controller.

Collection and use of Data

Customer is solely responsible for the validity of the information he provides to the Company as well as provides through the website Incorrect data may affect the received information when the customer uses the services of the website as well as the Company’s ability to communicate with him. The Customer must always keep all personal details and contact information (address, phone number, email) up to date and to notify the Company of any changes. The Company will contact the Customer on matters relating to its account and provided services via email, or through relevant informative webpages on the site of the Company. The Customer must regularly check the email designated as the main contact email and the Company’s website to be informed on matters relating to its account.

Personal data are collected: a) at the time Customer signs an agreement with the Company or/and is registered in the services of the website and purchases the services provided there; b) at the time he signs in to the newsletters; c) at the time he sends a Currculum Vitae in view of cooperating or being hired by the Company. In order for the Company to provide the services it may collect: Name, Address, telephone, e-mail, tax number, tax office, other information provided by Customers and other information concerning market researches.

The Company also may send the customer promotional e-mails about the new products, special offers or other information, which it believes they may interest the Customers (newsletters), only upon Customer’s relevant consent. In case the customers do not wish to receive newsletters from the Company anymore, they can request to be deleted from the contact list, through the specific link appeared in the end of all newsletters which they receive from the Company.

How will the Company use your data?

Atrotech shall process your personal data only for the its legal obligations, the fulfillment of its obligations that derive through the services provided to you or any contractual agreement with you, for the purposes of any commercial transaction or the informative transaction (newsletter) that you have asked for, or for the completion of any request by you, including but not limited to the cooperation agreement or hiring agreement.

Who has access to your data?

Only the authorized and commanding employees and associates of our Company will access your personal information. Your personal data will be used solely for its legal obligations, the fulfillment of terms and obligations deriving from any contractual relationship with you or for notifying about new products and services offered by our Company or for processing your claim.

Your personal data will not be published or disclosed to third parties for other unrelated purposes. The Company will not transfer your personal data to third parties, natural or legal entities, except for the employees and colleagues of the Company and only for the purpose of processing your personal data. The Company will not transfer your personal data to any other third countries. The Company’s employees are bound to process your personal data as confidential information and will use them only when it is necessary to provide services of fulfill an obligation, always in compliance with the personal data protection legislation.

Transfer of Data to third parties

The personal data which the customers provide to the Company in any possible and/or in the agreements as well as pages of this website are necessary for the purposes described herein and the provision of the relevant services to the customers and it is forbidden to be used by any third person, unless this use is in compliance with the law 2472/1997 on the Protection of personal data, as applicable.

The Company may transfer the personal data of its Customers to third persons or legal entities only if:

–           The customers have explicitly given their consent for this transfer.

–           The transfer of the personal information to third persons or legal entities is needed for the function of the services or/and the purchase orders from its customers. The Company has taken all the necessary measures in order that the personal data are used only when it is absolutely necessary for the provision of services. The partners of the Company have the right to manage the personal information provided by the customers, only if it is necessary for providing services to the Company, to and to its customers and for the execution of the transactions. In addition all partners have consented in writing that maintain similar security level and are compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation in effect.

–           It is obliged to do so, in compliance with the applicable law and only towards the competent judicial authorities.

–           The Company may transfer the data collected by its Customers as well as provided through this website to third parties or legal entities only as collectively information that cannot be used to identify anybody, for research and statistic purposes only and for the evaluation of the quality of the services’ provision.

Right for accessing, amendment or deletion of Data – Consent recall

You can claim your legal rights at any time for requesting access to your personal data kept by ATROTECH, to ask for amendment, deletion as well as transferring to another Processor. If you wish to have a copy of your data or if you wish to amend or remove your data from the database for any reason, you can do so by contacting The Company will make sure to satisfy your claim within thirty (30) days from its submission or it will notify you in detail about the reasons your claim can not be satisfied. You can recall your consent anytime by contacting via email to .

In addition, if you choose not to receive newsletters by us via email, you can unsubscribe from this service by clicking the respective link which can be found on all newsletters you receive.

How long will ATROTECH retain and process your personal data?

Your personal data which are provided to ATROTECH, either directly by you or are collected and saved in our Company’s databases by third sources, are saved and retained by our Company for a period of five (5) years, provided that there is no legal obligation for retaining these data for a longer period of time.


As the Company operates with General Telecommunications License by the competent Greek authorities (EETT), it follows a security policy that has been reviewed and approved by the pertinent authorities.

The Company warrants that the customers’ personal information is absolutely safe.   In order to avoid any unauthorized access or transfer, the Company uses the appropriate physical, electronic, operational processes for the protection and security of the data collected for as long as the customer uses the provided services. The data are deleted upon the termination of the contractual relation between the Company and the customer, based on the retaining term here above.

The identification of every Customer and the access to its personal data takes place with unique credentials. The Customer can modify his/her password as often as desired. The only person who has knowledge of the password is the Customer who is responsible for maintaining its secrecy from third parties. In case of password disclosure or leakage the Customer should immediately notify the Company. The Company is not responsible for the use of a password by an unauthorized person. The Company will in no way disclose or publish personal data and information provided by the Customer to the Company. All information is encrypted and stored securely and in accordance with the Company’s security policy. The personal data you provide us with by any means are saved to our Company’s Servers, in the safe and highly available cloud infrastructure of our provider – partner, having its main node in Athens, Greece.

Atrotech has a Security Policy for the processing of personal data, to which all employees and partners comply, and which describes the principles and procedures for the collection and processing of personal data, in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and national law. The Company uses several security measures to protect your data, including but not limited to secure servers, VPN, firewalls, access controls and encryption of the data as well as the communication via Internet.

Cookies policy

Cookies are alphanumeric recognition files which ask for your consent in order to be saved to your computer’s browser. If you consent, this text is saved and afterwards, cookies allow the analysis of the web traffic. Cookies allow web applications to adjust to any user.

The Company uses Cookies to spot which webpages are in use. This allows the data to be analyzed, regarding the traffic of the webpages in order for the Company to enhance its website to meet your requests. This information is used solely for statistical analysis. Right afterwards, the data are removed and deleted from the system. Cookies do not provide, under any circumstances, access to your computer or other personal data, beyond those you have provided. Cookies do not damage the users’ computers or the files kept in them. You can consent or not to the use of cookies. Most web browsers accept cookies automatically, but you can change your settings in order to forbid cookies. This action however may prevent you from having a good use of the website.  The Company can use Google Analytics for advertising (i.e. remarketing, Google network appearances reports, incorporation of the Doubleclick Campaign Manager, demographic elements and interests’ reports).

Links to other websites

The  may contain links to other useful websites, which are not controlled by the Company but by third parties (natural persons or legal entities). Therefore, the Company is not responsible for the protection and privacy of any data the customers provide, while they use these websites. The present Privacy Policy does not govern such websites. The customers should mind and read the privacy policy of the websites they visit.

Modifications in the Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is subject to the provisions of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the national legislation and can be modified in the current or any potential legal framework. The effective date of this Privacy Policy is displayed at the end of this notice. Please check back periodically, and especially before you provide any new personal information.

Contact us

The Company, as the responsible processing party (Data Controller), collects, processes, retains, transfers and finally deletes the personal information you provide. You can submit questions concerning your personal information, the system in which your information is kept and our Privacy Notice, request a copy of your personal data or request removal or transfer of your personal data. Your questions and claims can be addressed to:

in care of the Data Protection Officer.


If you have any questions or concerns about the use of your personal information, please feel free to contact us and we will make every reasonable effort to address your concerns.


Effective Date: 01/07/2018