Your Desktops on Cloud

ATROTECH and its partners designed the Virtual Desktop service to give businesses flexibility and security. This service guarantees you access to your desktops from any location and through any device. In practice, your desktop runs through a centralized infrastructure in the cloud. Therefore, your data and your applications are more easily accessible than ever. This infrastructure operates from equipment within multiple data centers, thus ensuring their availability. In addition, the security equipment of the data centers prevents unauthorized access to the company’s systems. More specifically, Enterprise grade next generation security systems fully protect your data.

With the Virtual Desktop service there is no need to purchase hardware to run desktops within your offices. The main idea behind this the service is simple. You choose the resources of each desktop and install your applications centrally. Then you determine the respective access rights of your users to the applications.

  • No hardware purchase required by the business - there is no large upfront cost to own the desktops
  • Ability to quickly install applications - installation is done once centrally in the system
  • Security of your data through Enterprise Grade Firewalls within Data Centers
  • Option for SSD storage disks
  • Ability to manage your users' Active Directory and integration with your company's existing Active Directory
  • You turn CAPEX into OPEX - you only pay for the resources you use and for the time you use them (Pay-as-you-go model)
  • Instant expansion of your desktop resources as well as adding new desktops
  • Encrypt your data within Desktops
  • Protection from viruses and other malicious software

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