Data Center Infrastructure

The company’s operation, and more precisely its network and facilities are based on the most central data centers in Greece and the Balkans. In order to ensure greater flexibility for connecting with our partners, so that we can offer you a consistently high level of service, we have active central PoPs in Athens (AIA Data Center, TIS Sparkle IDC), in Thessaloniki (Synapsecom) and in Sofia, Bulgaria (Telepoint). The data centers are all of high standards (Tier 3+) so that they are in accordance with the anticipated availability and physical security of our services. Especially the facility within ΑΙΑ is located in the High Security datacenter with the highest physical security level in Greece. The criteria of the infrastructure in which we provide our services are:

  • Easy access via main roads. Your technical staff can visit the site within minutes.
  • Secure premises perimeter monitored by sophisticated CCTV system and guarded on 24x7/365 basis. Controlled access to all areas with access control and biometric system.
  • Buildings resistant to different types of natural disasters
  • Air conditioning system with N+1 reserve. Temperature and humidity sensors so that the system automatically copes with any change in normal temperature and humidity levels
  • Fire suppression with environmentally friendly extinguishing agent, suitable for use in data centers, which does not affect the health of your staff or IT and network equipment at all.
  • 24x7/365 infrastructure monitoring center to ensure proper operation.
  • ISO 9001 & 27001 and PCI DSS certified infrastructure
  • A+B fully independent power supplies for the equipment housed in every rack cabinet
  • UPS and generators with N+1 backup to cover main power outage for at least 48 hours.
  • Existence of multiple networks and companies within the facilities for easy interconnection (Hubs)

Network Infrastructure

Atrotech’s active hubs, in Athens, Thessaloniki and Sofia, are connected to each other for the purpose of direct data exchange for the orderly provision of services. All connections are bidirectionally protected to achieve maximum availability of the backbone network. The capacities we can serve are several Gbps. The interconnection between Thessaloniki and Sofia, Bulgaria, is the shortest protected fiber optic network in length, ensuring the lowest latency on the market.


Ability to handle data of several Gbps



Active PoPs in Athens (TIS Sparkle IDC), Thessaloniki (Synapsecom) and Sofia, Bulgaria (Telepoint).

Microwave Network

Operation of a proprietary microwave network with extensive coverage in Attica and Thessaloniki.

Backbone network

Ethernet-based network protected via at least two diverse physical paths.

Leased Lines

Provision of international circuits worldwide through strategic partnerships with Tier 1 providers.