Internet Access / IP Transit

The connection to the Internet is one of the necessary elements for the proper operation of your business. Atrotech can make it uninterrupted, fast, stable and redundant. Low response times (RTD) are achieved both at the national level (GRIX – Internet Exchange of Greece) and at the international level through the interconnection with multiple providers for the exchange of international data traffic.

As we move through the era of digital transformation, Internet access is the foundation for growth. Atrotech makes sure to provide you with sufficient capacity as the basic Internet Access service (100Mbps access ports – unlimited traffic/shared bandwidth), so that you are no longer concerned about your connection’s capacity but only for the way to grow your business and create more data flow to and from your systems.

The service can be delivered within our hubs as well as at your premises. Wherever the service is delivered, security against the constantly increasing malicious attacks is a priority. Atrotech provides multi-layer protection through next gen firewalling for Internet Access/IP transit services, combined with Endpoint Security, so that your operation is not affected by them.

  • 100Mbps access ports – unlimited traffic/shared bandwidth
  • Multi-layer protection against malicious attacks
  • Ability to interconnect via BGP protocol
  • ΙPv4/IPv6 ready
  • Access ports of predefined guaranteed capacity (Flat ports 1Mbps to 10Gbps)
  • Provision of IP addresses
  • Immediate technical support (24x7/365) from Atrotech's NOC qualified engineers

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