IoT & Smart Apps

In the era of digital transformation, ATROTECH brings you a multitude of solutions to improve your daily operation. By integrating smart solutions, you can collect data more efficiently, process it to extract useful results and automate certain operations.

The tools we recommend concern several verticals, such as retail, agriculture, health, tourism, municipalities-prefectures, etc. With the appropriate selection of smart sensors and software, you can have a complete solution. The selection of our suitable partners has been carried out with a view to the vast range of provided solutions as well as implemented projects.

iot smart solutions security

We recommend that before any adoption of smart solutions, special attention should be paid to the security of your infrastructure and network. For the correct integration of such solutions, all layers of protection of your business or organization must be checked.


As digital transformation gives you multiple access and communication capabilities between your systems, it also creates several vulnerabilities for unauthorized access.

ATROTECH’s technical team is able, through strategic partnerships with leading security companies from Israel and other countries, to provide you with integrated and cost-effective solutions for protecting your network. These solutions can protect against malicious actions coming from outside as well as inside your premises.

centralized iot solutions management

The management of all the smart applications you have and use during your daily operation must be done through a central platform (interface). The purpose of this management is integration between the various solutions but also the ease and optimization of your monitoring and processes.

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