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If you wish to place your IT equipment within your premises, the proper operation of this equipment requires the proper construction of your data center.

Atrotech executives have valuable experience in building data centers with implemented projects in more than 5 countries, and in operating them with experience more than 15 years. Our hands-on experience in many different technologies enables you to have a thorough view and guidance on the basis of your existing and future needs.

Atrotech is able to advise you and fully take over (turn-key) the construction or the renovation of your data center in order to fully comply with the international operation and security standards. In this way you secure the continuous operation of your equipment, and therefore your business, as well as extend the life of your IT infrastructure.

The Consulting Services include:

  • Collecting and mapping your needs
  • inspection of your existing premises
  • complete material list required for the data room and the supporting electromechanical equipment
  • engineering study and “as-build” design along with project budgeting and implementation time plan

Atrotech’s team can undertake the construction of your new data center or the renovation of your existing one, aiming to the safe operation of your business. Optimizing the infrastructure and management of your data center ensures a steady growth without having your personnel devote time to such actions but let it stay focused on the main activities of your business.

With regard to the building and proper operation of data centers, Atrotech’s experience guarantees the continuous maintenance and proper operation of your equipment. Atrotech’s expertise and familiarization with various technologies can integrate its knowledge and know-how into your business.

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