Ensure your uninterrupted operations with a business continuity plan

Business continuity is the basis for the proper and steady development of any business, regardless of its size and field of activity. In some industries, the uninterrupted operation of the business is of utmost importance. Unplanned interruptions occur for various reasons attributable to human error, to your equipment such as hardware failure, or to natural disasters such as flood and fire.

Atrotech is your ally protecting your business or assisting it to recover faster. With presence in different geographic locations, your data and applications are protected against natural disasters related to the geographical location of your business.

Infrastructure reliability

Atrotech has selected specific centers, in which your secondary equipment will be housed, based on their resistance to any hazard as well as their protection against any failure of electromechanical equipment. All spaces meet the highest standards of power and air conditioning (N+1 redundancy of all components), fire detection and immediate suppression as well as uninterrupted network and connectivity provision. In the event of power failure in any of our centers, the presence of generators makes it possible to accommodate the entire center needs for at least 48 hours. The aforementioned guarantees the availability of 99.999% of the center and the network.


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Selection of geographical position

For the appropriate planning of the business continuity plan, Atrotech provides the space for the physical co-location of your secondary equipment, based on your needs. Additionally, the proper geographical distance of your secondary node from your premises, where your primary node operates, is of utmost importance. Atrotech provides you with flexibility wherever your business premises may be, with the ability to co-locating your secondary node in Athens, Thessaloniki or Sofia, Bulgaria.


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cloud IaaS

Cloud-based disaster recovery

In many cases, the best business continuity plan is based on a cloud solution. Atrotech has a cloud infrastructure that can meet your computing and networking needs in the form of virtual Data Center. Therefore, the configuration of your secondary node is easy, fast and based on your needs.


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Business continuity workstations

Atrotech has office spaces with workstations specifically designed to support the immediate transition of your staff in order to continue your critical business activities. The workstations are provided with dedicated or priority use (shared). Each workstation is equipped with a desk, seat, power supply with UPS and generator protection, PBX telephone center and an option for Desktop computer with predefined user profiles.

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